Business and Leased Line Broadband

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    Use of the Internet is now crucial to most businesses throughout the UK.

    Our business broadband is the perfect solution for small businesses who require a connection for surfing the Internet, accessing email and downloading small files.

    Benefits of business broadband with B Comms:

    • High-quality Internet connection
    • Perfect for basic Internet use – Surfing the web, accessing email & downloading small files
    • Superfast Broadband solution available for businesses that require lightning fast uploads and downloads, cloud storage and more.

    A dedicated line for your business.

    A leased line is a great option for businesses with a high demand on the Internet to perform their work.

    A leased line from us is a permanent, always on and lightning-fast connection between two locations. It is a dedicated, private line and only carries communications and traffic from your company, resulting in a guaranteed level of service. The line can be used for data, video and voice and is most effective when sharing bandwidth hungry applications between different offices. It’s a perfect solution for large businesses with lots of Internet users. You’ll have a dedicated line for your business needs, and this will work for both your hosted telephony solutions and Internet usage.

    Benefits of Leased Line Internet with B Comms:

    • Cost effective for heavy Internet users
    • Perfect for surfing the web, accessing email and downloading small files
    • Private connection with no contention ratios
    • Fixed charges regardless of usage, allowing accurate budgeting
    • A guaranteed high level of service with vastly reduced latency and jitter

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